If you know me…I am a “forever friend”…my motto being…”If I love you once, I will love you forever”. It’s true, I will hold you in my heart, cry your tears, love from the pit of my soul, fight like a true trailer park girl. All of it, all of it because my love has a passion, words can’t describe it, so be it…I am a “forever friend”. With that being said, I have come to a crossroads, well, the crossroads was years ago, the running off the tracks was a few years later and the all out fall out has been on going since well, for always. It’s like a train wreck that you know is happening, your watching, but you can’t wrap you mind around the fact…it’s derailed but still upright just not on the tracks.

I love from the depths of my soul, I will excuse and I can go toe to toe with any enabler! But kids have to take precedence over all…right? Oh, I know I’m right. I just need someone to explain to me why I know I’m right, and those around me know I’m right, but the law doesn’t get it. How long must we let someone abuse and misuse their children until the law finally says, “enough”? I know there’s been enough, everyone knows there’s been enough, but on and on it goes. It’s like a merry-go-round going so fast everyone is holding on to the horse’s head for fear of being thrown off and some evil devil of a person (their mother) is at the controls of the out of control merry-go-round! Just cackling, that cackle, the cackle which can only be made by a crazy person….but the truth is, she’s not crazy, she is pure evil!

Teflon, that is my new name for my unnamed “friend”. Nothing sticks to her! She can break the law into a million little pieces, set it on fire and watch it burn and nothing, nothing will happen to her. I know she is a manipulator, one of the best, but aren’t there “trained professionals” who should be able to see through the manipulation? I know people, people who have done so much less and are paying such a higher price. Some are sitting in a State or Federal lock-up as I type this. So I ask, why is she Teflon? Some where some how the “system” has dropped the ball, let her children down, no, not let them down, they have been down, now they are just being stepped on, stepped around or kicked emotionally. Every child loves their mother, and I’m sure that’s been all used up and now we are on to pity in that department. Raw heart-break. Only a child can have a heart-break so deep that it is ridged with the ability to still have love.

There have been many times “the system” could have stopped the situation, but Teflon has made it through. Nothing sticks! I know people in the “system”…people who have committed petty crimes and are being punished as they well should be. I have to admit I don’t know anyone, besides Teflon, who has a “battery of a Peace Officer” charge and “child endangerment” and numberous DUI’s, Telflon does! Here in the great state of Texas, you would not be out toiling around with such charges. Let alone, drinking, abusing her children, mistreating her dying mother, living off of whom ever she can swindle, shop lifting alcohol and whatever else she may “need” and not attending mandatory alcohol and drug counseling, which was ordered to her by the courts of New Mexico! I just need someone to explain this to me. Explain it to me in a language and a way that I will believe and understand, because right now, I am dumbfounded! Shame on the State of New Mexico and the City of Las Cruces!
All’s I can say is “what the hell”? and…that’s all I’m going to say about that!


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