I pinned the following letter to my Police Chief regarding my son.  I am so sad my city let me down. 

May 12, 2010
Mr. Jimmy Perdue
Police Chief of North Richland Hills, Texas
RE: Missing Persons
Dear Mr. Perdue,
It is with great sadness I am writing you this email. On Saturday, May 9, 2010, after much debate and prayer, I filed a missing person report for my son as I knew in my heart he was not in a good place. He had been to the emergency room on May 4, 2010, and was not doing well health wise.   After looking myself, contacting his friends, etc. I decided to file a report with my Police Department.
The Officer who came and took the report was very efficient. He explained protocol to me etc. After much discussion it was decided a report would be filed. At 4:23 am I received a phone call my son had been located. He is 25,  so under your protocol I was allowed no further information.
I knew something was wrong, I am a mother. I want you to ask your mother at what age she is no longer your “mother”. Believe me Sir, there is no age.
I again began looking myself and by Monday morning at 7:00 am I had located him through friends and another police department, OUT OF STATE!  How sad is that. I live in one of the finest Cities in the Metroplex and the city I have grown to know and love dropped the ball on me…right on my heart.
I had to call the paramedics to transport my son to the hospital because, like my heart had been telling me…something WAS VERY WRONG!  He is now in the hospital.
When I was able to speak to him, I asked him about his visit from the North Richland Hills Police. He said he cracked the door, they asked is he was Bobby, asked for ID, he obtained the ID and they left. If they would have asked him to open the door or if they would have gone in, it would have been VERY obvious things were not as they should be and he was in need of medical attention. 
You all have no problem asking to come into our homes if you think a criminal is in our home, if we are playing our music to loud, if we have been speeding down the street, etc. Which is fine, I will always open my home to the police as I have great respect for them. But you all need to think long and hard about when a mother calls you knowing something is amiss with her child and you brush her off as being “over protective”. I was very open and honest with the officer, giving him any information I could think of both good and bad.   I knew my son was ill and I expressed that to the officer, the crack of a door was just not enough in this case, you all dropped the ball!
I know you have protocol, I am a smart educated woman and I respect that, but you all need to look into your protocol and make sure it is fitting the needs of the residents of our great city. After all, this is “OUR CITY”.
I love The City of North Richland Hills, it is a wonderful place to live, the police and fire departments are far superior to those around us. I feel safe and I know this is a place my children feel safe. Those feelings have not changed. What has changed, is how I feel about the way you handle “family” situations.  The police department  which I felt respected me and was here to help me, has now left me with many questions, “Are they really here for me?  Do they really want to have to do paper work on something they do not see as important, and who gets to decide who is more important than someone else”?   It should not be a pick and choose situation and you and I both now at times it is.
I have several family members who are in law enforcement and I know that if one of your officers would have been concerned about their friend or family member, things would have been handled a lot different. This is not my first rodeo. You need to be sure all residents of North Richland Hills get the same “special” treatment you provide to your officers, fire department members and employees of our city.  No ones life is more valuable than another.  If the reality be known,  most citizens would be appalled at how different a “citizen” is treated than that of “one of your own”.
And for the record… A Mother NEVER stops being a mother…that’s why God gave one to everyone!
Dotti Fuentez
North Richland Hills, TX
cc:  Mayor Treveno
       Mike Young


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