One of the hardest parts of having a child with disabilities who is totally dependent of you…my husband and I rarely get to go out together.  It’s either one or the other of us.  We spend a lot of time together at home and it is wonderful.  In fact, we spend most of our free time at home as a family.  We are all close because of this.  But every now and again, I would love to just say, “hey, let’s go out”, and it not have to be  a production.  I mean there is not spontaneity in our going somewhere.  This is not because we don’t like to take Eric with us, it’s because if you try to take Eric somewhere, it is not going to be a happy time….for ANYONE!

Eric likes to be home. He likes to ride in the car, he likes to go to school.  But, if you try to get Eric out and about he is very unhappy.  He doesn’t like to be out of his comfort zone.  He becomes very agitated and unhappy.  Not a lot of fun for anyone, especially Eric.  So we live our lives accordingly.  We have a great life, we have fun, we enjoy our home.  But…venturing out TOGETHER would be wonderful every now and again.

It’s one of those times you have to embrace what life hands you and be happy with it.  I wouldn’t trade my life for the world, it is exactly where I am supposed to be.   I will continue to build on what I have been blessed with and know this is the life I was meant to be living.  I feel blessed to have been chosen to be not only Eric’s mother, but the mother to Jack and Bobby and Conner’s Ginga!  Not to many people have as much fun in life as I do!  I am lucky!


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