It’s that time of year…stores are bustling, everyone is buying, your wallet is thin, your back account is thinner and everyone needs or wants something from you.  We have two choices at this crossroads, do we give in to the utter insanity of what we Americans call “Holiday”,  or do we go back to the true meaning of what this time of year is supposed to mean? 

Go back… let us just ponder that for a moment…when Holiday meant family time, prayer, everyone telling what they are truly thankful for,  games around the big table and lots of laughter, big sit down breakfast, tossing around a football in the front yard and pie, homemade yummy pie!  When we cherished the time we spent together, took a drive, laughed out loud at memories past, looked at old photos, took family photos.  Those are the things that made us smile.

Today, oh today, what a whirlwind we have upon us, like a tornado swirling 100 miles an hour, dumping the meal that was purchased at the local Target,  smack dab in the middle of the kitchen,  eat quick, we have to hit whatever store might be open on Thanksgiving, because who cares what store it is, we need to BUY  something, after we carve and chow down as fast as we possibly can,  the turkey, dressing and whatever else has  made its way onto the buffet style line we are all rushing through.  Oh you already stared eating, that’s ok, Dad, pray really quick,  so no one else misses out on the score of one of the 100 football games on TV at this moment,  while we are having our “Family Holiday”.  Hurry and clean off this table, we need to spread out all the circulars from the paper so we can see what we need to buy tomorrow whether we can afford it or not.  It’s “Black Friday” and I will be out there because if it’s on sale, I must need it, and if I don’t need it someone might get it,  so I must have it!  Oh, its loud and fun, but does it really have true meaning?

Do I really want to buy so much unneeded,  not really wanted stuff, I put myself into debt so deep it will take me until summer to dig my way out…and then, I sink right back in, because EVERYONE is taking a really fun vacation and by golly my kids are going to a nasty Texas beach too!  Who cares if they won’t get in it, it’s what everyone else is doing!   When did we become these mongrels who have to have this, have to do that, have to see this, have to see that…she has it, I want it, but mine better be bigger.  They are going so we better get to go, who cares if it’s not in our budget, our kids want it so by golly I will make it happen. 

What are we really teaching our children?  What are we really doing to the “family”…we are making everyone selfish, greedy and not very nice to be around.  Myself included in this big mess of what we call Holiday. 

So this year, if I see someone who needs, I want to help, if I know someone hurts, I want them to heal, and if I can teach my children one lesson from this,  it is, you don’t need every game, video station, gun, Lego etc.  You need human contact, you need to know and feel love.  You need to feel the joy when you give to someone else.  That’s what we need to feel is true joy and true joy comes from giving…


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