Have you ever been in one of those situations where, you don’t really know me, I don’t really know you, but boy do I really know A LOT about you, and it’s not all good!  It can be a lot of things, interesting, funny, sad, entertaining, disgusting, hurtful, etc. 

 When someone knows much more about you than you know about them, do you often wonder how they know so much about you and you so little about them? Let me give you a clue,  YOU SHARE TO DAMN MUCH of all the wrong kind of information!  We all want privacy in our lives, some things to be secret, but we are human and we like to vent, share, exchange information, etc., and that’s all great. But when you are doing hurtful things to other people, you are gonna get found out.  Life is just that simple!  Hard to believe right?  Well, not really if you take a look around you. 

Alls one must do to find information out about you is follow your trail and it will lead  them right to your REAL TRUTH!  Not the made up stuff you want us all to believe, blah blah blah, but your real nasty ugly truth!  All that nasty, embarrassing stuff you expected to be kept secret, well it’s no secret anymore, it’s out there for the whole world to see!  You must lead a good life for a good life to follow you.  Try your best to be kind,  considerate and think of others.  

AND…don’t think jumping from person to person, pulling the same lame crap is going to work either, because  guess what…EVERYONE  is on to you.  Well, everyone who is normal. 

When you make a mistake, and EVERYONE makes mistakes, but,  if you have been a good person and you have tried to be kind to others, people will lift you up and be there to dust you off.  BUT,   if you have not been ANY of the above, don’t expect there to be a parade lining up to try and make your life better, it’s just not gonna happen.  I will say, people will feel sorry for you for being such a moron, but that’s about as much as you’re going to get!

We all need to think about what we do, how others feel about what we do and how we can try to be better people.  That’s what the world needs, better people.  Believe you me, look around, we have enough dumb asses to last an eternity!  So let us all try to be kind and considerate to one another, think of how your words and actions will affect others,  it’s not really hard and EVERY ONES  life will be easier…that I can promise!


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