As I struggle to realize it has almost been a year since I lost you…my heart hurts. It seems like yesterday I touched you, talked to you, spent time with you, hugged you, lay next to you. I can not fathom what my life is going to be like forever without you. It is something I can’t wrap my mind around. Oh I’ve tried, but it is so beyond the realm of my being it is impossible.
I think most everyone has the feeling I should be over it, moving on, etc. I have to be honest that is never going to happen. I am clinging to dear life here. I am holding on to whatever I can grasp and I dig in trying to feel some relief from the pain that has over taken my soul. I love to much, I know this, but I am having the hardest time trying to change who I am.
The cold hard reality is… I will forever be me…without you…I have no idea who I am…


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