I have come to the realization my heart is fragile. I am brash, aggressive etc. But when it comes to my heart, my heart is none of those holds passion, and with passion come deep feelings and with deep feelings comes both joy and heartache and great emotion. I have tossed my heart around so much I belive it has become calloused and they are now wearing thin. I have made a conscious decision to protect my heart. I only have one and when it hurts, the tears from my heart over flow into my eyes, my chest feels so tight I might choke and it literally takes my breath away.
In reality I should change this, I should, “toughen up”. But I like my heart. I like the fact that I can love from a place deep within my soul and hold memories forever. I like that the passion which raises inside me like a beast is part of who I am. I like the fact that when I feel something, it is not on the surface, it comes from a place I now guard with pride. Your heart is truly the center of your being. When you try to change it…you are off-balance.
I want to be steady, I want to be strong and I want to have soul. But most of all…I want to feel love eternal.


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