I have gotten lots of messages about why I am not an organ donor. It is not that I don’t care about human life. It is the total opposite, but, ALL human life. Not just if you are rich, famous, “normal”, etc. Everyone should be treated the same.

Eric was on and off the donor list numerous times as an infant. As he grew older and the damage done to his brain BECAUSE of his liver failure was more apparent, he was no longer a candidate for transplant. His quality of life was not up to par. Are you kidding me? I wrestled with so many emotions, I fought my mind knowing what they were saying made some kind of sense but was not my reality.

At that moment, I made a conscience decision to not be a donor. My children are not donors and my husbands organs will stay intact as well. It’s something we talked about and agreed upon long ago.

Now, if you need Jack’s cord blood and I know you are going to get it, it’s yours free and clear. If you need my kidney and I know you are going to get it, it’s yours, no question. If you need our bone morrow, it’s our gift to you. The fact that our organs go into a bank for someone else to decide who gets them is unacceptable to me. Money should have no baring…and don’t try to tell me different, I have been in the “donor world” for almost 22 years now. I know what I’m talking about…

For example…Mikey Mantle…he had CANCER and they transplanted him. I’m not a Doctor and I could have told you that had FAILURE written all over it! He was moved up the list past many who were healthy and waiting on a liver for a long time. I know this as fact. He was transplanted because of who he was and how much money he had. I have seen this over and over again in the past 22 years. Then you are going to try to convince me my child does not have the quality of life necessary to receive an organ. It’s never going to happen. You will never convince me, I can’t argue about it. I did for years and I’m tired, I don’t have it in me.

So we are not organ donors. But we are good people.


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  1. I am an organ donor, but the rest of the family is not. I understand where you are coming from and respect your decision. In your shoes, I might feel the same way. For me, I think that when I die I would like to give hope to someone. Yes, there is a chance that my organs will go to someone undeserving. But it is like giving money to the homeless man on the corner…

    Yes, there is a good chance that my money will go to alcohol or drugs. But there is also the possibility that my dollar will buy a much needed coffee to warm him or a hot meal to keep him going for another few days. For me, it is the act of giving that is important not whether the recipient is deserving.

    I think you are the most kind and generous person I know, so I respect your decision. We’ll agree to disagree! ((hugs))


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