I have a love hate relationship with my sons G-button. I love the fact it keeps him healthy and makes his life so much better. I hate the fact it malfunctions and makes him hurt and we have to go to the ER! His last two buttons have hated me and insisted on making me work harder than necessary. I think they came from someone in my past who really doesn’t like me! I am grateful for medical science…I just wish I could catch up…

I don’t know that I was cut out to take such meticulous care of another human being. I feel at the moment I am faltering in many ways. I worship this button, I take care of it as if it were the crown jewel. I will not allow there to be any skin granulations, it must be a perfect fit, there will be no leaks. It IS the crown jewel of the Fuentez Home. Everyone in our household is very aware how sacred the said button is! But in the end the button always wins. I curse the button, I’m sure at least once a day. I also praise the button numerous times a day. I just can’t win, the button always wins! It leaks, it moves, it shoots me the finger, I swear I’ve seen it! I have been defeated today by a G-button…I surrender…


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