armLadies and Gentlemen…yes, it is a true fact….I did walk around yesterday with shit on my arm. Several times I ventured to figure out where the smell of human feces was coming from, only to catch a glimpse in the mirror of my arm, and there it was, bigger than life, human feces on my arm! How many people noticed and said nothing? I guess it would be rather awkward to say, “Excuse me Miss, but either you have a terrible skin cancer on your arm…or it is poop”…and as you guessed, no one said a thing. I guess everyone I came into contact with thought, “oh the lady in the ever so stylish dress has a human feces smell about her”! Did they think it was my perfume? Holy hell, only me! So, from now on, if I see someone with shit on them, I’m telling them, because believe you me…THEY WANT TO KNOW!


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  1. Aunt Dottie,

    This is possibly the best thing I have ever read on the internet…ever. Thanks for the incredible laughter and forthright to post this!!!


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