cloudDear God,

I can’t do this.  I know they say you do not give a person more than they can handle, well you have dropped the ball on this one.  I can not handle the stress anymore.  Taking care of sick kids and parents is slowly beating me down and I feel myself on the verge of snapping right in two.  I feel so stretched, I have not time to even spend a few minutes with myself to re-charge.  My head is spinning at such a rate I can’t even reach to stop it.  I feel my heart is going to explode with the grief I feel about this situation.  I know this is my “job”, but I think it may be time for me to be fired, layed off or whatever you do in these situations.   I want to be taken from this situation, run from this situation, close my eyes and when they re-open, there be nothing but white light. 

 I am one second away from totally snapping out of control and then I fear there will be no reeling me back in to be the wife, mother, daughter  and friend I am supposed to be.  I need a vacation, but I fear  I am not able to even plan a vacation…if I have to plan one thing, I will simply fall apart.  The mere thought of having to think makes the tears in my eyes sting and cry with pain. I am reeling in a dark black hole trying to figure out how to function on a daily basis, let alone plan something, do something or go somewhere.  So please God, set me free.  This current plan is not working, I am dying slowly…I am not the same person I used to be.  I do not like or want to be around the person I have become.  I need to feel the breeze and be set free.  I am broken and I do not see me ever being fixed.

Put me on a cloud and take me…I’m ready more than ready!


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