As I watch our friendship fade, I am reminded all we have been through.  We have climbed mountains I never imagined I could climb.  We have been to the depth of the sea not knowing if we would ever surface.  But as with all things in this life,  this too shall end.  I will always remember and I will always care…but not at the expense of my soul. 

Your life will go on and when you come to that crossroads,  you will have to draw on your own strength as mine will be far away blowing in the breeze.  I need peace and I need to know I am not walking this path alone.  When I turned to the side thinking you were there I realized you never were….you were simply a ghost in my time of need.  As I weather the current storm I draw on my own strength and realize just how strong I am.  Now I know why you needed it so.

Remember, I loved you from the depth of my soul.   I will never forget nor will I ever regret, I just know it is time for my life to move to a new place.  A place of peace and understanding a place where I can feel the breeze.  I have great sadness just as I have great peace.  You too shall find your way and learn from yourself.  I gave so much, expecting nothing in return, now it’s time for me to move on and grasp what is waiting.  My world will continue to be filled with great happiness and laughter as I expect nothing less.   In time the hurt will fade, but the memories will live on forever in my heart.


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