I want to laugh…but I cry. I want joy…it went with you. My heart is missing a piece so big it can never be filled. My eyes have tears that will not dry. I can not breathe, I need you near. I never imagined I would lose you so young. You were such joy, I love you much. I don’t know how my life will go on, I know it will as I have not a choice, but I have no idea how to move past the heartache I feel. You were my child. My first-born. You were the first person I knew who had my DNA, my blood flowed through your veins. That is forever going to be missing from my heart. When I think of you I want to breath for you. I want you to know I would give the world to have you back. The last time we locked eyes on August 9th, I knew you loved me. You were my Bobber and I just want you back…


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