First…I love all my children…the same, just different. I know that is crazy and makes no sense, but, have you meet me, I am crazy and rarely make sense. But…my baby, Jack, there is just something about that boy that makes my heart swell, makes me melt like butter in the hot sun. He likes to cuddle, he loves his mom, he truly likes to spend time with me and I eat it up.

And then….I have to get on to him and his little heart breaks into a thousand pieces, he has tears. We are trying to do the, “you are not a child anymore, you are a pre-teen”, he needs to be tougher, he can’t be so soft, but my heart is tearing, ripping and falling out of my chest as I watch my baby Jack grow up….oh please, “say it isn’t so”…he’s my baby…forever and always…even when he’s all grown up.


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