I have the perfect best friend…we are perfect for one another, yet we are very different.  I have known The Pope since I was born, as we were born into the same nursery at church.  My aunt and her mother were very close friends so we always had a connection.  In the fifth grade she moved out to the Fair of Acres where I had lived my entire life.  My aunt said to me one day on our way to Sonic, cause she was cool like that, “The Pope is moving out here, I hope you two become close friends”…and the rest is History.

From the first day of fifth grade we have been connected with a bond that one can not describe.  We love each other deeply and truly care about each other.  We spend countless hours together to this day and we always smile.  Even when one of us is on the verge or has crossed over the verge of loosing it, we are there for each other, no questions asked. 

Yet, we are as different as two people could be.  Here are just a few of our differences which stand out in my mind…

The Pope is drop dead stunning gorgeous…I am average at best.

The Pope dresses with utter class…I wear converse and boyfriend jeans all cut up.

The Pope is classy in her walk, her talk, her movements, etc.  I am more of an agressive type in all I do.  I talk loud, say what I’m thinking etc.

The Pope is shy but very intuitive of others, she may not talk all the time, but she always knows what’s going on around her.  Me, I’m to busy talking to know anything about what is going on around me. 

The Pope has a way of making you feel good even when you do not believe it is possible to feel good at that moment.  The way she does it,  can not be explained.

The Pope thinks before she speaks and has tried on numerous occasions to teach me this talent..I have yet to learn, but she loves me anyway.

The Pope never ever flies off the handle, I don’t even have a handle anymore!

The Pope has great patience, while I am very irratic.  She keeps me grounded in reality.NEW DOWNLOAD 185

The Pope is Conservative and I am Liberal, but we get along great and we agree on most things, and if we don’t it is simply no big deal. 

I know her, I love her, she makes me smile, she makes me a better me! 

The Pope…Dotti’s best friend forever and I mean it from the bottom of my crazy mad heart!


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  1. You two are awesome! and so very blessed! I have dear friends, but never have had one with the bond you two share! I know you treasure it!


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