Those times in life when the right thing to do ripes your heart out by the last vessel and hands it to you with blood still trickling down your arm…I’ve had one of those weeks.  My insides are torn, my outside is looking for a smile and my heart is not only been dislodged from my body, it is shattered into one million pieces.  As I stand looking at the mess that has been made, I wonder when it will all be back in order and find it’s way back to it’s stable home called me. 

Sometimes the right thing to do, is the hardest thing you will ever have to do.  I hope this is it for me, I was not made to have to deal with circumstances “beyond my control”.  I was made to control circumstances and grasp and hold onto them and make sure they all get in line and line up straight.  When they don’t, my life is off kilter.  The puddle I now stand in reminds me of rain, but it’s not rain, it is the tears falling not only from my eyes, but from my heart.rain drops


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