MJAs I was pondering the whole Michael Jackson death and memorial…I have a few thoughts I must share regarding this strange but very talented man. He was a very cute child, the reason why he would distort his face over the years was his way of masking the pain he felt deep within. He really needed a friend to tell him, “Enough, your face is caving in“! But when you have money and you are paying every ones way, no one is going to give up the truth, they’d rather you look like a train wreck then be honest. Maybe he would have appreciated someone being honest with him for once in his life.

He was truly a great talent. Hands down the boy could dance and sing. He was never a truly happy person, therefore all the money in the world could not bring him the joy he so longed for. I do believe his children did bring him happiness, but to what extent they have been damaged by the strange world they have been raised in is yet to be seen.

Al Sharpton is a MORON! He made a statement something to the fact MJ had a lot to do with Obama being elected President! Are you kidding me! Al is about 4 crayons short of a full box! President Obama is the President because he is qualified for the job, not because Michael Jackson can moonwalk! The two are unrelated on every level imaginable! Al Sharpton needs to keep him mouth closed. He is much more entertaining when we just have to look at his hair.

I don’t really know if he did or did not molest children. He didn’t molest mine that I am sure of, because I don’t care how famous you are, my children are not spending the night with you. Do people think that just because someone is a “star” bad things can not happen? In reality, bad things are more likely to happen with someone in that group as they are so out of touch with reality they have no boundaries and think everything they do is okay regardless. We as society have made this happen for them because we have the whole star worship going on today! I do know that what ever brain dead parent would allow their child to spend the night unattended at the Neverland Ranch gets the Darwin award for the rest of their lives! No one in their right mind would let their young boy spend the night with a grown ass man and sleep in his bed…come on now…Fucktard is how I would describe that parent!

The people of LA should not have to pay for the circus they are calling a memorial held at the Staples Center…end of discussion! The family is responsible hands down, no further need to address the matter. Hell, I’m not an elected official and I can figure that one out!

Those three beautiful children, their lives are screwed from here on out! Why would they leave those children to live with his parents? Because they did such a stellar job in raising their first round of kids! Stupid, stupid and more stupid!

I am very sad for the children, in the end they are the ones who will suffer. Kids deserve happiness and stability, get them the hell away from the Jackson family is all I have to say about that!

May MJ rest in peace. I do hope where ever he is they can do something about that nose.


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